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To whom it may concern,

My father, Joseph M DiRocco , was suffering from multiple health issues which resulted in a stay at Green Meadows nursing and rehabilitation facility.

This was the first time my father had ever spent time in a nursing home and also my first time having to deal with having a family member being in a place of this nature.

This was a new adventure for the both of us as well as the rest of our immediate and extended family and very close friends.

At first, it was scary to have to answer all the questions, meeting new medical and physical therapy staff and thinking that the staff would treat my father as just another patient with very little compassion.

I must say after just a few days...
I was able to see that I was pleasantly surprised at how the staff did not treat my dad as just another (old person in line to pass away).

They called him "Joe" and not Mr. DiRocco which showed me that they took the time to get to know him as a person with feelings.

I also found that the administration part of the facility also wasn’t just worried about the insurance or the money aspect of the whole situation unlike hospitals where they ask you the same questions multiple times.

Miss Julie Esack was the first person I had come into contact with at Green Meadows and she never made me feel pressure about any decisions I had to make regarding his stay.

The nursing staff that had to care for my father (Jeff, Keeva and Joanne)
was so knowledgeable about my father’s needs...
as I am confident with all of their residents. It was like they knew him for the past 5 years and everything that was going on medically with him. 

The physical therapy staff all enjoyed my father because he loved people and he always loved to walk the parks and do other activities that included exercise.  Angie, in physical therapy, played a big part in my father getting strong enough to leave and go home.

The aids that worked with my father were all super. Bridget and Lisa were 2 that stood out but Lisa went far and above her duties as an aid.

She would sit next to him and listen to him talk about things past and present (some of which was about me, poor Lisa.) She would go out of her way to make sure that if I wasn’t there, she would make him as comfortable as possible like she was the daughter he never had.

My father’s goals were to get well and strong enough to be able to go home and continue to live what time he had on this earth at his own home. A few months after my father’s arrival to Green Meadows, my oldest brother was faced with a rehab stay

Again, I required the assistance of Julie in helping me with all of the procedures of having my brother admitted to Green Meadows.  He successfully rehabbed and continues to progress in his physical therapy at home. 

In the end... My father had a short stay in the hospital after being able to spend several months at home and did pass away in the hospital just a few months shy of his 89th birthday. 

In conclusion, I would just like to say that Green Meadows in my opinion and the opinion of all my family and close friends is a top notch place to have a loved one taking care of whether it’s a short term or an extended stay. I have and still highly recommend Green Meadows over any other place in this area.

Thank you for reading my story about my experiences at Green Meadows.

Yours truly,
James J DiRocco